Top Travel Tips

I love everything about travel.  From packing and planning, to airports and flying and of course seeing new places and eating!

I am fascinated by the distinct feel and pace of cities around the world.  And I love the different flavors, scents and sounds that come with exploring new places.

I travel as much as I can and have been fortunate to go so some of the most beautiful and interesting places in the world.  People often ask me for tips or suggestions on where to stay and what to do so I have  started some mini travel guides for my favorite destinations.  I will be adding new tips every day so check back to see what’s new.

My guides will focus on the best: places to stay, restaurants, shops, and things to do for style and budget conscious travelers with an emphasis on the beautiful and the unique with lots of vintage shopping tips thrown in.

Please leave a comment here, or anywhere on the blog if you are curious about a specific place, or in need of a travel tip – and let me know how your travels go!


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