Ask Katie: Solo, Summer Travel in Europe?

This week’s question is about affordable, Europe, solo travel ideas for June:

Hi Katie

I need some travel advice, have 10 days in june that I’m taking off.  I want somewhere in Europe that’s quick, cheap and warm.

I don’t want to spend a lot of money, but I do want a new, interesting, fun place where I can chill, and it needs to have a yoga retreat nearby.



Hi Sofia,

How fun! To stay within your budget and expand your options of where to go, I would consider downloading a great yoga class or two and blocking off time each day to do your own practice.

As far as location, here are some suggestions:

Lucca, Italy

Lucca in Tuscany is super cute, and calm and peaceful and best of all not too expensive! And they have a yoga studio.

I have been researching going to Milan for a short trip , and I have actually found some nice looking hotels for cheap. Since you love fashion, look into Milan.

Evisa, Corsica

I am always partial to Corsica – its just such a beautiful place. if you want seclusion and relaxation, go to Evisa in the island’s interior. It’s not on the beach, but the gorgeous hiking, walking, and crystal clear rock pools make up for it.

You can take a train from the coast near Evisa, but renting a car or arranging a bus might be easier – there are only a few gites and restaurants there – I stayed at Hotel U Mulino (no website) and it was soooooo cute and they have a pool.  Things do book up in the summer though might be a good idea to calla head to book.

Rock Pools in Evisa, Corisca

I haven’t spent much time in Spain, but I would love to -Malaga looks gorgeous.

I just got back from Istanbul which was amazing. I found it really easy to get around on my own – great trams and ferrys and things. There is SO much to do and see there. I found really cheap flights form France, I’m sure you could find good deals from London and once there you can get by on not very much.

View of the Bosphorus Sea from a ferry in Istanbul

The Guardian has a good piece (from a couple years ago) on great summer solo travel that has some good ideas:

Good luck! Tell me where you end up and send pictures!


2 thoughts on “Ask Katie: Solo, Summer Travel in Europe?

  1. Lucca!! Thank you!! I have just been trying to brainstorm ideas for summer… and i remeber reading about Lucca how it is a great destination in Tuscany… you just reminded me! Great tips!

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