Top Travel Tip: Arlequin Gelati

Today’s Tip: Arlequin Gelati – Nice, France


One could be forgiven for mistaking gelato as a local delicacy in Nice. While there are no Starbucks to be found here, It’s hard to walk a block without passing a gelato spot.

I am of the firm belief that Arlequin is the best in town.  Roberto, the proud proprietor of the shop, was born and raised in the Italian countryside and he brought his creative love of food with him to Nice.

He grew up in the family kitchen watching is mother and aunts prepare huge meals made with fresh produce from the village market and with fruits and herbs that grew wild near his home.

He explained that his mind is full of memories of the scents and tastes of his childhood and his travels around the world.  And that is what gave him his passion for making the purest and most intensely flavored gelato.

He told me that he “lives in a world of flavors” and his rotating list of sorbets, creams and 70% pure chocolate selections, are delectable proof of that.

The pots full of fragrant raspberry flower, impossibly creamy pistachio, and sublimely rich dark chocolate are nothing short of  magnificent.

arlquin exterior

I was lucky enough to get a little tour of the shop’s kitchen, where I discovered some of the secrets to Arlequin’s success. What I found was a huge industrial refrigerator completely filled with fruit.

Robert uses seasonal produce from the market that operates down the street six days a week and also imports the best ingredients he can find from all over the world.

In addition to making the most delicious ice cream I’ve ever tasted, Arlequin is a favorite among locals and the place has a bustling, neighborhood feeling. They hold competitions for suggesting and naming new flavors and won’t let you leave without trying at least a few different kinds.

The magical confections are just €2 a scoop so I’d recommend trying as many as you can.

[9 avenue Malaussena +33 (0) 4 93 04 69 88]

4 thoughts on “Top Travel Tip: Arlequin Gelati

  1. It looks very decadent! I am considering getting some local ice cream (which is not gelato, I know this to be true) just to satisfy my craving even though I am looking at 60cm of snow, it’s snowing, there’s more snow on the way and it’s -12C…it looks that good.

    • How great! You’re going to love it. they are just about to reopen for the season tomorrow so you are in luck. They make their own chantilly cream too. Delicious.

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