Top Travel Tip: Empress of China – San Francisco

Today’s Tip: Empress of China – San FranciscoEmpress of China

San Francisco is famous for being home to the oldest and biggest China Town in North America.  And the heaving blocks of dim sum places, fish markets, and souvenir shops are certainly something any visitor should see.  But its not always easy to choose from the hundreds of restaurants that line Its busy streets.

The Empress of China is an old school establishment.  On its website it boasts that it is “one of the world’s most beautiful Oriental restaurants.”  And while there are multiple stories of dining rooms with ornate chandeliers, intricate wood carvings, and a roof deck, I will advise you to walk straight past all that to the bar.

The high rise restaurant is impressive and I’m sure the dinner menu is fantastic, but for savvy travelers on a budget, the place to be is the bar and the time to be there is during happy hour.

Empress of China map

It has a kind of faded glory feel to it with dim lighting, shiny black booth seating and a dark wood bar.

Sitting in the cocktail lounge, looking out of the floor to ceiling windows down onto the sweeping views of the twinkling lights of the city, I can imagine what this place might have been line in its heyday.

Drinks and appetizers are half price from 3-5 pm and the spring rolls might just be the best in the city.

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