Top Travel Tip: San Francisco Conservatory of Flowers

Today’s Tip: San Francisco Conservatory of Flowersconservancy of flowers exterior

San Francisco is a city with an embarrassment of riches when it comes to natural beauty.  And as if the sparkling San Francisco Bay, the towering redwood and bay trees, and craggy sea cliffs weren’t enough, inside the rambling green miles that make up golden Gate Park are the hauntingly beautiful white glass arches of the Conservatory of Flowers.

gorgeous plants sf

The beautiful structure, originally built in 1878 is the oldest glass and wood conservatory in North America.  It’s had a tumultuous history, including fires, earthquakes and condemnation, but in 2003 after extensive renovations the conservatory re-opened its doors for good.

Inside visitors will find rooms full of unusual, rare and exotic plants, including the amazing Victoria Amazonica water lilies whose leaves can grow to be three meters in diameter and can hold the weight of a small human.
conservancy of flowers

Entry costs $7, $5 for seniors and students, but admission is FREE to everyone on the first Tuesday of each month. And don’t forget to check out the wonderful gardens outside of the building which have impressive rotating seasonal flowers blooming.

2 thoughts on “Top Travel Tip: San Francisco Conservatory of Flowers

  1. Thanks for the great article about the Conservatory of Flowers. Please note that our free day is the FIRST Tuesday of every month.
    Hope to see you here.
    Jane Scurich
    Director of Administration and Development

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