Top Travel Tip: Three Pools – Marion, Oregon

Today’s Tip: Three Pools – Willamette National Forest, Oregon

rock pools

Three pools is a collection of gorgeous swimming holes in the Opal Creek Wilderness area in Marion county Oregon about 90 miles south east of Portland.

From Portland, getting there takes about two hours by car, but the crystaline pools of brilliant, blue green water are worth it.

Crystal clear water

The site has a parking lot and it costs $5 per car to park all day, but entrance to the falls and pools are free.  There are pit toilets, but other than that be be prepared for the beautiful, rustic oregon outdoors.

Pack a picnic lunch, sunscreen, towels and of course your swim suit and settle in for a fabulous day under the towering trees and in the cool, clear water.

If once you get there, you find you never want to leave, there are plenty of campsites nearby. Shady Cove is the closest and there are hundreds if not thousands of miles of hiking trails to explore in the Opal Creek Wilderness area.

And if you are looking for a bit more luxury, Elkhorn Valley Inn is a really sweet Bed and Breakfast nearby.

three pools through the trees

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