Top Travel Tip: Caves Romagnan Nice, France

Today’s Tip: Caves Romagnan

jazz caves Romagnan

Caves Romagnan is a teeny, tiny, scruffy jazz club and wine bar directly across from my apartment and although I love hearing the music drift up to my balcony on warm nights, I never thought of going in.

During the week, the place seems to be a favorite hangout for local boozers and lost tourists – the bar opens at 7:30 am and by 10:00 there are always a few old timers having a mid morning pastis or glass of rose.  But on weekends, the itty bitty bar is transformed into a full on jazz club.

The Caves Romagnan is a local institution and although the space is no bigger than my living room, come Saturday night, music lovers from all corners pile in to listen to some frankly fantastic live music.

The bands set up in  a corner and I am amazed that they can manage to fit a piano, amps, brass horns, mic stands and guitars let alone, the sixty odd patrons and dancing in the miniscule place.

But they do, and it makes for a lovely, lively atmosphere.  The Caves seems like a vestige of some other time in Nice’s history.  It is a bit rough around the edges, but there is a distinct feel of counter culture and camaraderie and the regulars who greet each other each Saturday seem to feel at home.

An evening here is as much a window into local life in Nice as it is a chance to hear some great music.

[22 Rue Angleterre – +33 4 93 87 91 55]

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