Top Travel Tip: Via Latina Nice, France

Today’s Tip: Via Latina

Via Latina

This little Italian deli is among my favorite places in Nice.

The beautiful and vast selection of meats, cheeses, and fresh pastas in the large glass case, are just the beginning. In addition to the fresh Italian products in the front of the shop, there is a second room behind with shelves full of dry pastas, cookies, cakes, olive oil, wine, and any other Italian goods you might hope to find.

But in my opinion, the best way to experience this place is to take a seat at one of the indoor or outdoor tables, choose some wine and order the cheese plate.

Yes the menu has all kinds of classic dishes; sandwiches, pasta etc., but the cheese plate is a masterpiece.  First of all its only €11 which is incredible considering, it is gigantic.  The plate comes with five or six types of cheeses, a good selection of hard and soft, with a small salad and fresh bread on the side and the potions are very generous.  In fact one of these beauties is more than enough for two people to share for lunch.

via latina map

Via Latina is also a lovely place to sip in for an afternoon coffee.  They serve delicious rich, creamy italian coffee (miles ahead of the ubiquitous bitter watery espressos most places serve here) with a little chocolate or homemade biscotti to go with it and the service is extremely friendly.

The shop is on Boulevard Jean Jaurès right along side Vieux Nice.

[12 Boulevard Jean Jaurès – +33 4 93 62 87 21]

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