Top Travel Tip: Tabesh Restaurant

Today’s Tip: Tabesh Restaurant and Park Jifna, Palestine

Tabesh is a family friendly restaurant just outside of Ramallah in Jifna.  I say family friendly because there is a park with little playground in the restaurant’s outdoor area that proves to be very popular with the little ones.

But it’s the chicken that brings most people in.  The restaurant specializes in roast chicken and by all accounts it is served to juicy roasted perfection smothered in chilies.

They also have whole roasted garlic cloves by the plateful, fresh hot pita, delightfully creamy hummus and other Middle eastern specialities to please discerning vegetarian palates.

Iced minty lemonade, Palestinian beer, and many flavors of tobacco for hooka pipes are also on the menu.

The restaurant spans both side of the little road with a proper four walled establishment on one side and the outdoor patio and playground on the other.

Tabesh doesn’t have a website but it is in the town of Jifna near Bir Zeit.

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