Top Travel Tip: SnoBar

Today’s Tip: SnoBar Ramallah, Palestine

Snobar means pine tree in Arabic and this sprawling outdoor restaurant, bar and swimming pool are surrounded by them.

SnoBar is probably one of the coolest places in Ramallah.  For one thing it’s beautiful.  Tucked away on a hillside, the large blue swimming pool is flanked with lounge chairs.  The bar and restaurant are widely made up of  comfortable little groupings of couches and tables situated under  towering trees and lush green leafy plants.  It is definitely something of an oasis in the desert.

It costs about $10 to spend the day at the pool and the clientele is a mix of local families, and expats.  The restaurants serves classic Middle Eastern and western style dishes with salads, sandwiches and bar food along with the standard hummus and such.

The bar is a popular place to watch soccer games and there are differente events held here throughout the year.  And with free wifi it’s a dreamy place to spend an afternoon working al fresco.

The pool is only open through November, and the owner throws an all out open bar bash at the end of each season, where the bar is drunk dry.

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