Top Travel Tip: Ruff and Ready Furnishings

Today’s Tip: Ruff and Ready Furnishings U street corridor, DC

Ruff and Ready is a mix between an antiquesstore and a junk shop.  You’ll know the place before you get there by the sidewalk full of tables, chairs, framed paintings, and other furniture out front.

Inside you’ll need to step gingerly through the floor to ceiling piles of statues, cabinets full of china, lamps, and hundreds of unique, beautiful and bizarre objects.

The first building has two stories, the upstairs has smaler things, kitchenware, artwork and other sundries.  Secret tip: Just past the register to the left is the all important $1 shelf.  From sets of wine glasses, to antique ceramics you’ll find different treasures here from day to day.  Downstairs there are larger pieces of furniture and sales items – like 1950’s formica tables for $40, and hundreds of different types of wooden chairs.

You’ll walk through an outside area full of larger items; outdoor furniture, planters and all manner of things.  The second building has higher quality antiques, lots of pre 1950’s wooden pieces.

You never know what you might find.  This place requiers some digging, but I have found some absolute gems here over the years.

The store is in the U Street Corridor at 4722 14th st NW.  They are only open weekends from 11:00 am – 6:00 pm.  They offer delivery within the area for a small fee.

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