Top Travel Tip: Made’s Warung

Today’s Tip: Made’s Warung Ubud, Bali

A Warung is what the Balinese call a small casual restaurant and there are hundreds in Ubud.  Made’s is on Jalan Sanggingan across from a bright swath of fertile rice fields.

The charming spot is indoor / outdoor with only two solid walls and they are beyond friendly here, even by Balinese standards.

Made serves classic indonesian favorites like the gado gado, nasi goreng and sate seen on most warung menus, but they are famous for their grilled pork ribs done on a small outdoor grill and fresh fish with their delightful mix of spicy herbs and flavors.


They also have house made salted peanuts and an endless supply of fresh coconuts.

Going to Made’s feels like going to a friend’s place  They are incredibly welcoming and have a magical mix of local flavor and flair and scrumptious food that sets them apart.

They don’t have a website but you can call to see if they are cooking up ribs: 03 619 005 76

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