Top Travel Tip: The Staten Island Ferry

Today’s Tip: The Staten Island Ferry, New York

Manhattan has some of the most spectacular urban views in the country, and a perch onboard the Staten island ferry is a fabulous way to take in the scenery.

Run by the city, the ferry’s primary role is to transport people between Staten Island and the southern tip of Manhattan.  But the 25 minute journey is a lovely way to see the majestic skyline and the statue of liberty and best of all it’s free!

Secret tip: there is a cafe in the basement of the ship where they sell cheap tall cans of beer.  If you go directly to the bar when you board and then find a spot to sit on the decks outside (in the summer) you’ll have just enough time to finish your beer before the ship docks and a front row seat for the views.

Once you get to Staten Island, follow the crowds off the ship and loop back around to re-board the ship to go back to Manhattan (unless you want to stay in Staten Island of course).  From Manhattan, you take the ferry from the Whitehall terminal at 4 south street.  The ships leave every 30 minutes.


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