Top Travel Tip: Dumbarton Oaks Washington, DC

Today’s Tip: Dumbarton Oaks – Washington, DC

Dumbarton Oaks in stately Georgetown, is home to a research library, museum, and gorgeous sprawling landscaped grounds and gardens.  The center belongs to Harvard University and was created by Mildred and Robert woods Bliss, collectors and patrons of arts and humanities.  They purchased the property in 1801 and transformed it into a center dedicated to scholarly and artistic pursuits and is open to the public.

The real draw of Dumbarton Oaks are the gardens.  There are ten acres of beautifully maintained grounds with impressive varieties of flowers, trees, ponds, lawns, and different peaceful places to sit and walk.

This is absolutely one of the most stunning places in DC, and it is a serene escape from the bustle of the city.

The gardens and museum are open 6 days a week from 2 – 6 pm (closed mondays).  Admission to the museum is free and it costs $8 to enter the gardens during the spring and summer and Fall: March 15 – Oct 31 ($5 for children, students and seniors).  Entrence to the gardens is free during the winter months from Nov 1 – March 14th.

It is a bit of a shock to have to pay for something like this in DC since all of the Smithsonian Institution ones are free, but Dumbarton Oaks really is spectacular and I think it’s worth the splurge especially if you are interested in horticulture and landscaping or if you are in search of a peaceful place in the middle of the city.

2 thoughts on “Top Travel Tip: Dumbarton Oaks Washington, DC

  1. Excellent feature! I work at Dumbarton Oaks, and I’m always pleased to see good reviews pop up online.

    Just a small correction: the museum is actually free! Just like all of DC’s other great museums. The $8 admission fee is only for the gardens, and that is waived as well during the winter season (November 1 through March 14).

    • Thanks Lisa very good to know! So cool that the museum is free and the fee for the gardens is waived in the winter I will make those changes. and thanks for stopping by! What a great place to work surrounded by all that beauty!

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