Top Travel Tip: Bom Bom Wholesale, Ubud Bali

Today’s Tip: Bom Bom Wholesale

Ubud, Bali is full of Beautiful Fabric.  Batik sarongs are absolutely everywhere and each one is more gorgeous than the next.

I found Bom Bom Wholesale, right when I arrived and after nearly three weeks of looking in each and every shop since then, I still think she has the best selection of batik and ikat woven, sarongs, bedspreads and fabrics.

Nanak Bom Bom is the matriarch of the family, ten of whom live in the compound behind the three adjoining shops.

Her son is an artist and he paints the fabrics with tropical scenes, and flowers, and she told me she also worked as tailor there for 28 years, but her eyes have gone with age and now she mostly sells fabrics and other Balinese things and manages the storefronts.

The thing that sets Nanak’s store apart though, are the vintage gems she has hanging around mixed with the new ones.  If you look closely at all of the lovely things hanging on the walls, you might find some of the old dresses she’s sewn out of the fabrics her son painted.  The shapes are like going back in time through fashion, with gathered skirts, longer hems and boat necks.

If you have time, stop and chat for a while, Nanak is the sweetest woman, and on a slow day you’ll see her sitting on the stoop out front.

The shop is right on the main road that runs through town at number 28 Jalan Raya.

One thought on “Top Travel Tip: Bom Bom Wholesale, Ubud Bali

  1. Thank you for your post. If you happen to visit Kuta or Seminyak, go to CV Maya batik sarong shop. Full address: Jalan Nakula No.7 Seminyak. Phone 081 7973 1022. Very close to jalan (street) Double Six or Arjuna, right on the intersection. They’re specialize in hand painted sarongs with rayon fabric.

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