Top Travel Tip: Community Thrift, San Francisco

Today’s Tip: Community Thrift Store

I love thrift stores.  It is one of the few things I really miss about the US when traveling abroad.  And Community Thrift in San Francisco’s Mission District is a diamond in the rough.

The bright pink building on Valencia Street between 17th and 18th always has a find or two and the place does good work.

Their prices are reasonable and they have a great selection, from records and books to furniture and knick-knacks, and tons of clothes and shoes.

They have separated out the vintage stuff from the new, but their vintage section is a bit pricier, so I’d check the big racks too for the best deals, and check calendar on the website, because they have half off sales each month.

When you donate stuff to the shop you can choose which charity you’d like your contribution to support, and the staff are super friendly.

There is plenty to see in the neighborhood, so why not make an afternoon of it.  The store is in the heart of the Mission surrounded by tons of new hip restaurants and shops moving in and the steadfast taquerias that have been there forever, and it’s not far from Dolores Park, which is heavenly on a sunny day.

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