Top Travel Tip: Abu Jamal – Ramallah, Palestine

Today’s Tip: Abu Jamal Hummus shop in Ramallah. (972 298 4773)

The sign on the window says Abu Jamal has been selling hummus and falafel here since 1952.  The sparse room with a domed, stone ceiling certainly looks like it has been sitting here on this corner for quite some time.

Abu Jamal is one of many hummus places in Ramallah, but it’s my favorite. For one thing it’s a short walk down the hill from the apartment and on the same street as my favorite fruit and vegetable shop, so convenience is a factor.

But the draw is more than just geographical.  The food is cheap and delicious and the service is fast and friendly.

The thick stone walls keep the small restaurant cool even in the hot sun, so the it doubles as a refuge from the heat.

The smooth, creamy hummus is served topped with chickpeas and chopped chillies and drizzled with lime juice and olive oil, and it is divine.  I also like the spicy pickled carrots and foul served warm.  All of this plus a plateful of falafel, hot pita and sodas for two comes to a grand total of a little less than $7. I mean… how can you beat that?

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