The view from the window seat

I always like to get a window seat if I can.  Not only so I can lean my head against the vibrating wall on long haul flights, but also for the view.

A few years ago, I was flying somewhere from San Francisco, I forget where, and I happened to look out the window just as the sun was setting.  What I saw through that little, double paned, plastic oval, was breathtaking.  I couldn’t believe it.

I’d never seen the sun setting up in the clouds like that and I felt as if I was floating though a dream.

Ever since that flight, I do everything I can to get a seat next to a window wherever I go, and I keep my camera handy.  I’ll admit I don’t always heed the flight attendant’s call to turn off all electronic devices, but I can’t risk missing a shot of that magical view.

Although cramped, the view from small “puddle jumper” planes is the best.  They fly at a lower altitude, and sometimes, with a little luck, you can spend a whole hour or more swimming through big, puffy, cottony clouds.  I can almost imagine its just me out there in the air, drifting through the sky.

I love how small and manageable everything looks from on high.  Clean, smooth, roads, with tiny little cars all in a line.  The perfect, flat, blue sea.  Tidy, green patches of land.  Neat, rows of houses with tiny specks of cars parked in front and blue dots of swimming pools behind.

The world looks so beautful from the air.  Here are some bits of it that I’ve managed to catch on camera.

2 thoughts on “The view from the window seat

  1. Katie these photos are AMAZING. You should consider turning them into a coffee table book or something, you can call it “Views from the Window Seat”. Honestly, I really like these shots.

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