Top Travel Tip: Kadita Cabins in northern Isreal

Today’s tip: The cabins at Kadita

In Northern Israel, just north of the Sea of Galilee, the upper Jordan River Valley is one of the most beautiful parts of the country.

Whether you like bird watching, hiking, or just want to see a different part of the country, this area, with its wide open spaces, and unobstructed river, valley and mountain views in all directions, is a gorgeous, secluded place to visit.

In my opinion, a stay in the cabins at Kadita alone is worth making the trip.

Well off the beaten path, perched on the southern slope of Kutar Mountain about a 2.5 hour drive north from Tel Aviv, you will find 5 beautifully-appointed, wooden cabins,

Each of the cabins have different features like claw-foot tubs for soaking, cosy potbelly stoves for warmth, and sweeping views of the valley below, through floor to ceiling windows. All are also equipped with kitchens

Kadita is run by a lovely Israeli couple who had a dream of living off the land and sharing the beauty of their spot with friends.   They bought the property decades ago, learned to cultivate grapes for wine, olives for oil and a variety of fruits and herbs.

Over time, more and more friends came to stay and eventually they thought they should open up their home to visitors as well.

Every charming detail of the comfortable and rustic cabins feels like it has been chosen with love.  Each light fixture and piece of mis-matched crockery is hand selected from flea markets, the bathrooms have beautiful antique tile floors and, the bedding is of the highest quality.

The kitchens are well stocked with coffee pots, silverware and cooking utensils, so be sure and be sure to stop off on your way and stock up on groceries to cook.

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A stunning breakfast is served to guests in the main house on weekends (Friday and Saturday in Israel). Expect mounds of homemade hummus, pots of jam made from their own fruit, piles of fresh salads, yogurt, bread and eggs and espresso made to order.

The grounds are dotted with orange, pomegranate and olive trees, and some rooms have private little vineyards as well as decks from which to sit and take in the breathtaking views.

Note: they only take cash and bookings in advance are a must.

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